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Carolyne Mas: Music

Song List and Credits

("Carolyne Mas")
Mercury Records, July 1979
"Carolyne Mas" LP cover.
Side One
1. Stillsane
2. Sadie Says (C. Mas/D. Landau)
3. Snow
4. It's No Secret
5. Call Me (Crazy To)

Side Two
1. Quote Goodbye Quote (C. Mas/D. Landau)
2. Never Two Without Three
3. Do You Believe I Love You
4. Sittin' In The Dark (C. Mas/D. Landau)
5. Baby Please

All songs written by Carolyne Mas except as noted.

Produced by Steve Burgh for Actual Music.

Carolyne Mas: lead & background vocals, electric guitar, piano on "Call Me."
David Landau: lead electric & acoustic guitar, background vocals on "Quote Goodbye Quote."
Robbie Kondor: keyboards.
Crispin Cioe: saxophones.
John Siegler: bass.
Andy Newmark: drums.
Steve Burgh: tambourine & synthesizer.
Jimmy Maelen: percussion on "Snow" & "Sittin' In The Dark."
Bernie Shanahan: background vocals on "Sadie Says" & "Call Me."
Recorded at A&R Studios, New York City.
Cover photo by Elliot Landy.